Customized MINI GP by Beek Auto Racing Pushes Boundaries | TeckWrap

 Source: Top Gear Magazine 


The already impressive third-generation MINI GP gets TeckWrapped and brought to new heights, with also a superior blend of power, handling, and comfort.



This customized MINI GP is one of only 3,000 third-generation models produced. And the Dutch company Beek Auto Racing has taken it a step further, wrapping it with the noble TeckWrap Blue Gem (GAL02-HD), and giving it a comprehensive performance and handling upgrade package delivered through their division.



Beek Auto Racing identified areas where the standard GP3 could benefit from further optimization. They believe the original car did not reach its full potential in terms of performance, handling, and sound due to compromises made for broader production feasibility.


And After...

To address these points, the car features an upgraded suspension system from Dutch specialists AST Suspension, enhancing on-road comfort and control. A Milltek cat-back exhaust system improves the aural experience.



Performance has also been amplified. Originally boasting 302bhp, this Czech-registered MINI GP now delivers 325bhp. Beek Auto Racing emphasizes its ability to further elevate power output to 350bhp+ for the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine if desired by the customer.



For optimized handling, the car is equipped with Michelin Cup 2 tires. The interior receives a sporty touch with a carbon fiber and Alcantara steering wheel. And a Ferrari-inspired passenger screen completes the package, giving it extra flair.




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Customized MINI GP by Beek Auto Racing Pushes Boundaries | TeckWrap