Automotive Market in Ukraine

The automotive market in Ukraine has a rich history. It has undergone significant changes over the years. Despite the ongoing conflict, Ukraine's automotive market is surprisingly reshaping. In 2023, new car sales in the country surged by over 60% compared to the previous year, reaching nearly 61,000 units.

Popular Car Brands

Toyota remains the most popular brand in Ukraine for the third consecutive year. In July 2023, 883 Toyota cars were sold, followed by Renault, delivering 564 units in the same period –

In January 2024, Renault sold 504 units, making a significant growth of 160% over the previous year; Volkswagen clinched the third spot with a remarkable jump, selling 525 units in July 2023 and 476 units in January 2024;

Other popular car brands include Skoda, which sold 493 units in Ukraine in July 2023, followed by BMW, which sold 385 units in the same month.

Auto Shows in Ukraine

There are several auto shows in Ukraine, including:

  • Auto Tech Service (ATS): A show presenting passenger vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, sports cars, and other related products in the auto sector.
  • Plug in Ukraine (Plugin): An auto show specializing in electric and electronic vehicles.
  • International Exhibition of Commercial Vehicles: The first international exhibition of auto transport for business.
  • Odessa Auto Show: A trade fair of the automotive industry.
  • Automechanika Kiev: Ukraine's leading regional B2B trade fair for the industry.

Looking ahead, Ukraine's automotive market faces both challenges and opportunities. The country continues to adapt and evolve in response. It is a dynamic market full of potential.

With the rise of electric vehicles present, it is believed that Ukraine's established engineering talent and abundant lithium reserves could position it as a critical player in the future of electric car production.

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