Chrome Vinyl

Among all types of vehicle wraps, chrome vinyl is exceptional in its way. Who doesn’t love to wrap their cars with a cool-looking film with glorious visual effect or reflects beauties around?

Vary by type
There are several types of chrome vinyl film. At TeckWrap, you can find satin chrome, mirror chrome, and neo chrome vehicle wraps, and each type brings out a different but stunning finish.

Satin chrome presents a subtle appearance with a silk-like sheen that is not too shiny. While mirror chrome captures all surrounding pulchritude into a wrap as you ride. And neo chrome is kind of a mixture of color shift and mirror chrome, coming with a striking appearance.

Rich in colors
For an extraordinary material like chrome, there should be plenty of colors, so car lovers can choose freely and be expressive the way they like. Here we have enough stylish chrome finishes waiting for you. Explore and find your favorite style.

And because TeckWrap has been expanding the selections in all chrome series regularly, you can always come by from time to time and get the latest trendy chrome color.

Although chrome vehicle wrap has an impressive look and seems popular for fashionistas, there are things you should pay attention to when installing to achieve a perfect result. Learn more about it in our wrap tips section.