One Creative Way to Maintain Unlaminated Chrome Vinyl Wrap Film



Chrome vinyl wrap films are known to be very sensitive. It is almost one of the challenging kinds to wrap with. For those with a lamination on, at least they can self-heal so the wrapper can be less pressured. But there are times you will have to wrap with a chrome vinyl that is not laminated.


With a chrome wrap film that is not laminated, even a low-quality microfiber towel can scratch it. Thus, it is quite tricky to handle. You might accidentally scratch it even before the application.


But here is a good trick to save you from those troubles when wrapping with an unlaminated chrome vinyl wrap film – This is also a good tip to maintain the wrap for the long term: Make good use of your steamer.


When wrapping, you can wrap as normal without overthinking how sensitive the film is – Just pay as much attention as you would do to other vinyl wrap films. Once you finish up, take a standard steamer to go over the entire area of the wrap on the car (Make sure there is a good sponge on top of your steamer though, otherwise it might scratch the film too).


The reason why you should do it when everything is done is that you might scratch during the install, and even if you get rid of those scratches immediately, you cannot avoid them showing up again as you continue dealing with the vinyl wrap film.


After steaming, use a high-quality microfiber towel to wipe over the surface. By now, all those dull scratches you have in the chrome vinyl will be gone. You can spray aftercare product over the film afterward, then wipe over again. And you will have a fresh finish.


This is a very good way to maintain a chrome vinyl wrap film that is unlaminated. But since there is no lamination, it is hard to avoid scratches in the coming days. So it is good to steam it over regularly to keep it at its best state.


Hopefully, this tip has helped you feel less stressed about unlaminated chrome wrap. Enjoy wrapping with it and be surprised by the stunning finish!

One Creative Way to Maintain Unlaminated Chrome Vinyl Wrap Film