Wrapping section by section for higher quality

It is almost like an ultimate goal for all wrappers to achieve a seamless paint-like finish. But in some cases, wrapping a vehicle in one piece might not be that promising in terms of quality.


Thus, it is always important to read the vehicle before wrapping it with vinyl wrap film. By doing this, you can estimate if there is any risk. Sometimes it is better to wrap a car with several pieces using overlaps than wrap it in one piece and fail over time.


Take a trunk as an example, some of them have a spoiler or a deep license plate area with very steep angles. These are both cases that you should choose to wrap with overlaps.


Otherwise, it will be very challenging. If you insist on wrapping in one piece, you might distort or overstretch the vinyl wrap film and do not approach properly.


Wrapping in several pieces can ensure a better effect on your finish. As the pressure the vinyl wrap film has to hold is small. Even better, you might be able to use scrap pieces to do it as you do not need a giant piece of material.


But to make sure you have a perfect result, you have to first understand how to separate an area into different sections and learn the applying sequence to hide the overlap.


Take a trunk with a spoiler as an example again, you can take advantage of the natural break on the car and separate it into four sections:


  1. The top area on the trunk that is completely flat;
  2. The area that is underneath the spoiler, which is above the license plate area;
  3. The spoiler itself (Wrap the bottom part first, and the top last);
  4. And the license plate area – If this area is deep and has very steep angle, you might have to do another overlap on the inside.


When you cut away the excess on one section, cut along the edge on the section next by. This will give you enough material to tuck into the natural break and ensure full coverage. For instance, when you need to cut away the extra material on the top area of the trunk, cut along the edge of the spoiler


By wrapping in this sequence with vinyl wrap film, you will be able to wrap this kind of trunk easily and quickly without any stress. There will be no tension in the film, so it is promising that the finish can last for the long term. And with the natural breaks on the car, you can hide the overlay perfectly. It looks just like a seamless finish.


If you happen to be wrapping a vehicle with no such break, do not worry. You can always take advantage of the contour as well. Make the best use of Knifeless Tape to ensure a clean and steady cut. Just remember always to wrap the bottom area first because this can hide the overlap better.


Like in the case of a trunk with a spoiler and without a natural break, you should separate the trunk into two sections: the top area connected to the top of the spoiler and the bottom attached to the back of the spoiler.


And you should always wrap the bottom area first. So when people look at it, they will not notice the overlap easily – unless they crouch and look, but usually, no one will particularly do that.


When everything is done, do not forget to seal all the edges with your squeegee though. Learn more about wraps to achieve your perfect finish at teckwrap.com

Wrapping section by section for higher quality