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Overwrapping for a vinyl film application project is unnecessary. Thus, not every piece of hardware should be removed in every installation. But sometimes, if you are wrapping with a sensitive and thick vehicle wrap like chrome, it is better to take off certain parts to achieve full coverage more safely.


For instance, if you are wrapping a Porsche GTS back bumper with a black chrome vinyl wrap, it is hard to work it around the side light as it is too thick. If you insist on doing it, you will overstretch the material.


In this case, removing the side light and creating overlaying pieces might be the best way. Here is how you can do it:


Wrapping the back bumper first with the light on

When wrapping the back bumper, run your finger around the side light, and make a relief cut along the top edge. Tuck the material around deeply before you cut off the excess piece. Apply heat to soften the film when needed during the process. Once you finish tucking and removing the excess piece, use a micro squeegee to run around and seal all edges.


Take off the light and create double overlays

You can now take off the side light. Apply knifeless tape along the inside edge at the bottom. Then, apply a black matte strip to it. Use just enough to get full coverage. There is no need to overwrap the inside.


Form it across and around correctly. Once it is done, remove the knifeless tape and seal the edge. Do not forget to cut off the excess material carefully. When the bottom part is finished, repeat the same process to the inside top edge. By handling the bottom first, and the top last, the vinyl will hold better for the long term.


Run your finger again to seal all edges as soon as the whole inside portion is wrapped. In this way, there should be no tension on the inside of the side light. And you will have a high-quality and durable finish. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Overlaying vinyl on side light for Porsche wrapping | TeckWrap