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As more and more advanced technologies are applied to the vinyl film industry, the cost of a wrap has been relatively increased. And you certainly want to save as much material as you can during an application instead of wasting them.


Here are some tips for you to achieve this goal by doing it differently during pre-production and boost installation efficiency in the same time:


Take measurements

During pre-production, you can separate the vehicle into sections and take measurements of each part. Then, take notes on a piece of paper. You can even draw out the shape of the area with the measurement, as this might give you a clear idea of what sections can be wrapped in one piece of vinyl wrap. By doing this, you might be able to save several meters of material and, thus, save your money.


Cut and label in pieces

Take the roll to the working table and cut it into sections accordingly when you have the measurement. Do not forget to clean up the table beforehand. Otherwise, there might be dirt getting onto the vinyl wrap film. Cutting on a working table is the most precise way to cut off the material you need. You can also cut with the roll hanging up or just cut freely on the scene if you do not have the condition, but you might waste film because you are cutting imprecisely.


After cutting off a panel, apply a masking tape to its edge to keep it safe. And label it to be clear what section this piece is for. Repeat the same process until all the panels you need are ready.


Once you have done this, your installation process will become much smoother and more efficient. Whenever you handle a section, just grab the panel for it straight away, and you can secure it to the surface and trim it furtherly with no fuss. Then, start wrapping as usual right away. No unnecessary material is wasted, and higher efficiency with the same high quality.


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Save vinyl and increase efficiency during pre-production|TeckWrap