Roof wrapping: cut off extra vinyl with knife

Wrapping a roof with vinyl wrap film can be tricky sometimes because it is easy to damage the material or the paint, especially when you try to cut off the extra film away. One wrong step, you will cut the paint.


A Knifeless Tape can undoubtedly help in this situation. But what if you do not have one in hand? In this case, here are some tips for you to do everything safely with high quality:


Usually, there is a natural break between the roof section and either side of a vehicle. Also, there is mostly molding. You should bridge the vinyl wrap film over as you get to this break and secure it there. Do not try to push the film in, or you will overstretch it.


Next, you can take a plastic knife and have its blade barely out. Press your knife right in the middle of the groove, which will leave you a centimeter material over it. Then, you can set it down to the gap. By doing this, you have made a relief cut.


No knife touches the paint in this way. Thus, it is straightforward and safe to do: Just bridge the vinyl wrap film over the gap, cut away the excess with a shallow blade.


This is more than enough to give you full coverage in this section. The critical thing is to make sure you can cut perfectly straight, which can be challenging for beginner wrappers.


If this is the case, feel free to check out our previous article: How to Practice Cutting as Beginners. Once you get over this challenge, this technique above is the most efficient way for you to wrap and cut away excess on a roof.


But if you are not confident in cutting with a knife yet, it is always good to keep Knifeless Tape in hand for a situation like this. Check out and learn more tips about making the best of Knifeless Tape.

Roof wrapping: cut off extra vinyl with knife