Perfect solution: Read recessed area before wrapping with vinyl wrap film

Recessed area is something that installers can never escape when wrapping with vinyl wrap film. And it should always be handled with proper techniques. Otherwise, the install will fail over time.


However, just paying extra attention to those recessed areas does not mean you will achieve a perfect finish for sure. There are several kinds of recessed areas. And it can only make sense if you deal with them accordingly.


Some installers might tend to determine a recessed area by its size. For example, they might see the rule as the bigger the area is, the more difficult it is to wrap, while the smaller the area is, the easier to handle. But this will only lead to fatal mistakes in the end.


Most recessed areas on a vehicle are open-sided. And you should always refer to three indexes when judging a recessed area rather than rely on its size: Angle, depth, and width.


Although some recessed areas might look big, the angle is mellow. Thus, it is fairly easy to wrap with the standard “bridge and push” method. But when it comes to a small one, some installer might use the same trick as they think smaller should be easier to handle. Yet, it is going to fail to different extents depending on how the area is.


Some recessed areas look small on the outside, but they have a dramatic drop-off with a gap at a steep angle, for example, a 90-degree one. If you try to bridge the material over the gap and push it in, you are definitely going to overstretch the vinyl wrap film.


The proper way to handle this kind of recessed area is to pick the vinyl wrap film back up, feed the material in, and work from the inside out.


If you can make the right judgment before wrapping a recessed area, you can easily finish installing with no stress. The film will not have to be overstretched, which means you will not need to post-heat either. And the chance of the material lifting over time is very small.


However, if you tried to bridge the material and push in anyway despite the type of recessed area you are wrapping, you will HAVE TO post-heat it (still with the risk of failing after all these, though).


So always read the recessed area and make the right decision based on its type before you wrap it. This can not only boost up your efficiency but also bring you a high-quality and long-durability finish. For more wrap tips, visit
Perfect solution: Read recessed area before wrapping with vinyl wrap film