Five things you must do for a successful wrap job

Develop good habits for vinyl film wrapping can help you do a better job. Sometimes, these details are the key to a successful finish. And here are five crucial things that you should bear in mind during the install, especially when you come across tricky sections:


Read the area before application

Before the actual application, it is beneficial for the wrapper to take one or two minutes to observe the area first. Take a look and see the section in parts. You will then have a better idea of the work sequence and how you can wrap it with vinyl wrap film part by part.


Do not overstretch

After reading the area, you would recognize the critical spot where the material tends to get overstretched. Overstretching will affect the quality and durability of the finish. For certain materials like textured film, overstretching will lead to a distortion of patterns as well.


So it is crucial to find the proper starting point based on your judgment, and create a hinge before pulling the film when it needs. When you pull the material, always do it evenly and firmly. Also, pull in a triangle shape to avoid overstretching.


Always sharpen your blade beforehand

A sharp blade is always important in vinyl film wrapping, especially when wrapping a technical section where there is a recessed area. You would usually have to make critical cuts on a section like this. An extra sharp blade can help you finish the task much more easily with no stress.


Make the best of relief cuts

Relief cut is a great technique to help installers wrap around tricky areas. As mentioned above, read the area before application. You would see on which spot that the material might build up tension. By making relief cut(s) there accordingly, you can shift the tension away. And you will achieve a much more durable finish in this way.


Lock the film before cutting

When you need to cut, for instance, on the edge of a hood, do not forget to use your finger to slide along the edge and lock the vinyl wrap film in place. Making sure the material is set in position will get you a stable and clean cut.


As long as you can make these five become your habits, or even instinct, you are not that far away from a perfect finish. Check out more wrap tips at

Five things you must do for a successful wrap job