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Is every hardware removal necessary for vinyl film wrapping? The answer might be no. If you are doing a color-change project with a white vehicle, would you consider removing all its hardware immediately? Here is an example showing you another possibility:


Let’s say you are wrapping a fender on a white vehicle with chrome and tight rubber molding. Removing the hardware will be risky because you might accidentally bend the chrome or damage the molding.


Taking “out” instead of taking off

In this case, it is best to leave the hardware. There is still a way to help you wrap further enough to achieve full coverage. Instead of taking off everything, you should take them “out”:


Loosen the screws of the moldings. For headlights, loosen the bolts for them in the same way. Doing this can actually save you time from taking everything off and boost your efficiency.


Cleaning is still a must

Although the hardware remains “on”, it does not mean you can skip cleaning. You now have enough space to reach the area underneath. And it is important to clean those areas thoroughly as usual. It only takes you a few minutes to loosen everything and finish cleaning in total. And your installation will become so much easier.


Get going

When wrapping with vinyl wrap film, it is always best to start with the most challenging part. In this case, it is the headlight. Apply Design Line around its edge. Make sure the material is tucked in around the light with zero tension when installing.


As everything is now loosened and much easier to approach, you can wrap as usual, but with a much smoother process. Achieving a perfect finish by wrapping further inside in a shorter time is no longer impossible! Learn more to boost your wrapping efficiency and quality at teckwrap.com

Fender wrapping: Leave the hardware|TeckWrap