Everything you need to know about gloss metallic film

Gloss metallic wrap has been one of the most popular vinyl wrap films. But to achieve a perfect finish, there are things you need to know about this type of film. Here are some basic properties that can help you understand it better:



Gloss metallic is a directional vinyl wrap film. So when you apply, you have to make everything uniform. But it can be hard to tell the directions as you install. Thus, it is helpful to take the logo on the backing paper as a reference.



You can use either medium-hard or soft squeegee to handle a gloss metallic vinyl wrap film. If it is a flat area you are applying to, you can use a medium one. And if it is curvy, a soft one can be better. Do not forget to use a brand-new buffer, though.


Surface energy

The surface energy of a gloss metallic vinyl wrap film is high. So whenever you need to make an inlay or overlay piece on another panel, there is no need for you to prep the bottom piece. The two should be able to stick well for the long term.



A gloss metallic wrap film tends to self-heal easily compared to other types of films, even if it gets scratched. When wrinkles appear during the install, you can pick the material back up and apply light heat. The film will then self-heal. You can re-apply again.


Usage of heat

For a gloss metallic wrap film, either a heat gun or propane torch is applicable because neither will affect the finish.



A gloss metallic wrap film tends to tear when you make standard relief cuts. Thus, make enclosed relief cuts when it needs. If you need to use Knifeless Tape to cut a gloss metallic wrap, choose a thin one because it will cut through the flakes better.



Any area that is stretched over 10% should be post-heated to ensure high-quality and long-term durability. Otherwise, the material in those areas might lift or bounce back over time.


Bear these in mind, and you will have a much better chance to create a unique and perfect gloss metallic finish. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

Everything you need to know about gloss metallic film