Achieve full coverage with Knifeless Tape for vinyl wrapping

When wrapping with vinyl wrap film, wrappers would always want to wrap farther inside an edge of a section to get full coverage. However, it is not easy to achieve by cutting and feeding the material into the edge.


Some try to reach the goal with Knifeless Tape inside. But without the right approach, the vinyl wrap film will get overstretch accidentally, leading to failure of the job. For this situation, here are some tips in terms of wrapping farther inside safely using Knifeless Tape:


The key is to create a line outside a section with Knifeless Tape. For example, you will wrap a fender with vinyl wrap film, and you have the material bridge over to the trunk side. You can make a line with the Knifeless and create a gap on the outside of the section. Make this gap around half an inch wide, and it is enough to help you feed the material much farther.


By doing this, the material will not overstretch or tear as you wrap. Put masking tape along the knifeless tape and cut it precisely on the edge. As soon as the vinyl wrap film is applied on the surface, you can cut the excess away easily, and tuck the material inside, which will be tucked in for another half an inch. Thus, you will achieve perfect full coverage.


This trick can work for any install. And because there are different types of Knifeless Tape, some are wider, while some are more flexible… you can choose accordingly for various purposes.


With the help of Knifeless, you can wrap farther inside a vehicle without cutting directly on the body or overstretching the film by accident. One Knifeless Tape, masking tape, and a light-duty utility knife are enough to save your day. For more wrap tips, visit

Achieve full coverage with Knifeless Tape for vinyl wrapping