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Rear bumpers are usually not the most challenging part to wrap with vinyl film. But for some of those with an attachment at the bottom, which creates a recessed corner, installers should pay extra attention to avoid accidentally overstretching the vehicle wrap.


For a bumper like this, the attached section might be a piece of plastic that you do not need to wrap. But sometimes it is an extended area with the paint on, which you have to wrap it.


There are two ways you can deal with this section: Wrap it in one piece along with the main area of the bumper, or you can wrap the two parts separately. Today we will introduce the first method.


And this one is suitable for vehicles whose paint is not a light color. You can wrap it with high quality by approaching it correctly and making a relief cut. The contour will hide the cut so that the whole section can look perfectly seamless.


To start, you can finish wrapping the main area of the bumper first. Then, carefully bridge the vinyl film to the extended section. Use your squeegee to slowly glide it to the groove between the main area and this part.


Continuously use your squeegee to form the film into the gap. You can apply light heat to relax the material. Make sure you add just enough heat because it might damage the film if it is too hot.


Once you have done this uniformly, it is time to make a relief cut. It is hard for the vinyl to perfectly hold a recessed area with a steep angle like this for the long term. Sharpen your knife, and cut along the top side of the groove with a shallow blade to avoid cutting the paint. Form the film as you cut.


The relief cut will reveal about 2mm of the paint at the top, which is why this method is only suitable for vehicles in deep colors. However, because you cut on the top side, people will not see the paint as they look down.


Do not forget to glide through the groove with your squeegee again as soon as you finish. Tuck the film in properly and seal the edge. Next time, we will talk about how you can wrap this type of bumper separately.


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Wrapping rear bumper with extended bottom area|TeckWrap