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Wrapping a Tesla Model 3 door handle with vinyl wrap film is not easy because it goes into the body of the car, and it is tricky to remove. Also, there is a severe compound curve at its tip. All these factors make it challenging to handle, despite the fact that it is a small piece.


Let it stay open

You can do a few things before applying the vinyl wrap film to make the job easier. First, pry the door handle up to make the piece more approachable. You can do it by opening the handle and sliding a small plastic removal tool at its end to pry it up, keeping it open.


Choose the right plastic tool and do it at the right angle, or it can scratch the body of the car. If you are unsure if everything is correct, you can always put masking tape on the body beforehand.


Use an inlay

It will ease your job tremendously if you use an inlay on the backside where the severe compound curve is. The vinyl wrap film might bounce back over time if you wrap the door handle in one piece, as the curve is very severe.


Thus, using an inlay can take the tension out of the material, making it more durable. Also, you can take advantage of the bodyline when doing it. And the piece should blend in perfectly.


Once you have done these two things, you can wrap the main area of the handle with less stress. By now, you can handle the application in a rather standard way: Just hook the vinyl to the corner, spread the tension out, make relief cuts when needed, and form the material around properly.


There is a lot of tension around the compound curve, where the inlay piece is. As soon as you cut away that part of the vinyl film, all the stress on the material should be gone.


When everything is done, you should have a high-quality and durable Tesla door handle. Keep learning at

Vinyl wrapping Tesla door handle | TeckWrap