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Most vinyl wrap films in the market today have memory effect. At some point, a wrapper aims to eliminate the material’s memory to achieve a perfect finish. But sometimes, you can actually take advantage of the memory effect to create excellent durability for sections that are challenging to wrap.


For a vinyl film that is particularly stretched (but not overstretched, of course) without post-heating, it will shrink back to its original shape over time. This is why post-heat is vital for durability. However, when installers come across a tricky section like a mirror or door handle, that shrink can help you get a natural and zero-tension full coverage.


This involves a pre-stretch technique, where you will stretch a wrap to a certain extent at room temperature. Stretch with a triangle technique. And then, you hook the piece to the section. Next, you can apply heat, which will trigger the memory effect, and the film will shrink back to its original shape.


In the meantime, as the material shrinks, it grabs the section naturally and tightly without any tension. So the film will be able to stay well on the surface for the long term.


This method is beneficial for wrapping areas like corners, door handles, and curvy mirrors. Take a curvy mirror, for example, which usually has a steep part on its backside.


Take a measurement and ensure you have enough material for every part of the mirror. Then, start applying from the steep area, which is the most challenging part. Pull the material firmly to the main area of the mirror.


For sure, there will be tension. And you can flatten the film out by shifting it to the flat area with your finger. But keep it around an inch from the edge to avoid overstretching it.


By now, trigger the memory with heat. The film will shrink back and stick well with excellent durability. The material around the edge will also relax in this way. And the vinyl will have no way of lifting or bouncing back over time. Wrapping with this simple method will give you this high quality that lasts.


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Vinyl stretching: Do it cold|TeckWrap