Handle light scratches on vinyl film|TeckWrap

Sometimes, you might accidentally hit your wrapped vehicle somewhere, a wall, for example. And the paint of it or scuffs might leave on the vinyl film. It can make people frustrated worrying about getting rid of it.


Chemicals are no-go

Desperate people might immediately use chemicals to turn the vehicle wrap like new. However, those harsh chemicals can damage the material without you noticing, affecting the vinyl film’s performance and durability.


Take advantage of this kitchen tool

Instead of using harsh chemicals and taking risks, try a tool generally used in the kitchen called magic eraser pad, which looks almost the same as a sponge. This tool is available in most stores. So it is very convenient. More importantly, it is safe. (Do not take it literally and use a sponge because a sponge can scratch the surface.)


Soap-and-water is the solution

The magic eraser is particularly helpful for scuffs on a vehicle wrap film. Spray soap and water on it, and start cleaning the spots in circuit motions. Go back and forth until the scuff is removed.


(In some cases, the scuff might be too deep, and the eraser cannot remove it anyway. You should best re-wrap your vehicle in this situation.)


What about a clay bar?

Compared to a magic eraser, a clay bar seems soft and safe, which will by no means damage the vehicle wrap. However, if a clay bar stays on a particular area for too long, it will become aggressive. So there is a risk.


With the help of a magic eraser, you can remove those light scratches naturally and safely. No chemical is needed. There will be no heavy smell and no damage to the material. Easy and straightforward! Learn more tips about vinyl wrap film at teckwrap.com

Handle light scratches on vinyl film|TeckWrap