Get your door a full coverage from all angles

When wrapping a door for a color change project, installers would mostly cut on the side of the door to get just enough extra material to wrap around the inside contour.


But when you open the door and look from different angles from the outside, you would still more or less see the paint around the contour there, especially if it is a light color car.


Here is a tip for you to get your door a full coverage, where you will not see the paint from all angles:


The trick is to wrap the vinyl film a little farther into the contour of the inside, just farther enough to cover up the paint. To do this, apply Knifeless Tape along the first contour of the inside of the door. The Knifeless Tape can help you wrap just enough into the body and ensure the cut to be clean.


When you apply the vinyl wrap film, leave about five to six inches of extra material for the inside contour. And as you form the film around the inside contour, remember to start from corners or wherever there are angles and even the tension before handling the flat area.


If some parts of the contour are curvy, it is better to put on your application glove and use your finger to form it rather than use your squeegee, because it might be hard to glide around, and you might leave lines on the film.


Work the film around the contour, and seal it to the edge of the Knifeless Tape. You might find a spot around a corner where there is much tension, and the material seems stretching. Give a little heat around this area to soften the film. Continue to use your finger to flatten it out and relax it.


Then, you can make a relief cut from this corner (Be clear where the Knifeless Tape lays before you do it) and work the film around to even out all the tension. As soon as the material is applied correctly, you can release the string of the Tape.


Be careful as you pull off the string, as it is so long. One improper skill can lead to a bad cut. Pull perpendicular to the line so that your cut can be immaculate. (You can check out our previous article A complete guide to Knifeless Tape to learn more about all kinds of Knifeless Tape)


When the string is off, pull off the green tape as well as the excess material. Seal the edge of the film, and you have your seamless full coverage.

Get your door a full coverage from all angles