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It is easy to think that you are ready to install the vinyl film immediately as long as the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepped. For gloss car wrap, this might be the case. But for others types of films, it can be another story.


Surface energy matters

There is the aspect of surface energy for every kind of vehicle wrap and also different types of surfaces. Some surfaces have high surface energy, where the vinyl film can usually stay on top better. But if a low-surface-energy wrap accidentally grabs a high-energy surface, the film can probably tear.


For this reason, it is essential to understand the surface energy of all vinyl wrap films clearly. Or you might have huge problems, especially when you create overlays or inlays.


The rank

There is gloss, satin, matte, and textured film like brushed and carbon, to rank a few types of vinyl films that are popular in the market from high surface energy to low.


Gloss car wrap has high surface energy. So when doing overlays or inlays, you can put a second piece on top without worries, and it will stick and stay well. But if you are making overlaps on a low-surface-energy vinyl, it is best to prep the surface to raise energy before applying.


For example, if you put a second piece like a stripe on top of a matte car wrap, wipe the surface that will be overlapped with alcohol first. It will not only help raise the surface energy but also protect the vehicle wrap.


Be aware of the energy of the wrapping surface

Surface with high surface energy like window will mostly grab the car wrap as mentioned above. The vinyl might tear right away if it happens to be a low-energy film. Thus, sometimes it is crucial to lower the energy of the surface before you wrap. One common method is to cover the area with masking tape beforehand.


In short, once you have a clear understanding of the concept of surface energy, you will better understand how to make the most of a vehicle wrap and create long durability. For more wrap tips, visit

Clean and wrap right away? Not suitable for all vinyl films|TeckWrap