Car Tinted Window Film

Why should you apply window film?

Window film has been getting more popular throughout the years, and this is because it is beneficial in many ways.

Comfortable environment

First, a window film can effectively prevent most solar energy and decrease the hot temperature coming from the sun, giving you a comfortable experience during your ride.

Saving energy

Because a window film can decrease the heat, you do not have to use that much air conditioning in the Summer. On the other hand, it helps you conserve heat during the Winter. Thus, it will save a significant amount of energy.

UV resistance

A window film can reduce UV rays by over 90%, protecting you from potential harm due to the damaging rays. So you can enjoy your journey with no stress, even without applying sun cream.

Lower risk of breaking windows

A window film gives your window extra protection with a layer. When a window is broken, it can lower the risk of the glass being shattering and spraying to minimize the chance of hurting passengers.

These are just some of the benefits of applying window film to your vehicle. Try and feel the difference!

What does TeckWrap window film offer

TeckWrap window film has the following features, which all aim to offer you a better experience:

Heat rejection

Our window film is designed to improve comfortability and reduce energy consumption, which can block 35-65% of solar heat. You can easily balance the inner climate.


TeckWrap window film provides you with perfect clarity. See everything clearly without getting blinded by the sunlight, and enjoy a safe ride.

Slow fading

When rejecting harsh sunlight, the window film can effectively slow the fading of your interiors, keeping them like new.

UV Resistance

TeckWrap window film can protect you from 99% cancer-causing UV rays and ensure a healthy journey.


Our window film is made of top-quality material with long durability, guarding you along the way as long as you need.

Order now and enjoy a stress-free ride.