Chin Up with Vinyl Wrap Film Representing Gradual Growth over Pandemic

As always, TeckWrap is proud to present you with a brand-new series of vinyl wrap film in refreshing colors and styles every three months. Now it is time to get ready for the new season.


Time flies in 2020 as the pandemic broke out globally. There have been people striving to fight against COVID-19. And in return, things are now reviving quietly once again after all those hard work.


Echoing with this great turning-point, TeckWrap has now brought on a new series of four gloss colors and two unique camouflage styles. They are not sharp ones. Instead, they are tender, yet not weak, representing gradual growth, exactly just how people are after the crisis.


Let’s take a look at what these new vinyl wrap films have to say:


HM11G Dark Olive

Under the umbrella of the color for youth, HM11G Dark Olive is the most outstanding one that spices up the season. With its fresh and verdant appearance, a whole new world is waiting for you to discover.


HM09G Black Gold

Noble and humble, HM09G Black Gold perfectly represents dignity and honor. It is not ostentatious, but it is awe-struck enough to catch attention.


DS04G Silver Sunset

Capturing the magnificent sight into a roll of vinyl wrap film, DS04G Silver Sunset provides you with an overwhelming visual experience, opening up a fresh beginning.


HM08G Black Cherry Ice

A great mixture of stimulation and sweetness wrapped under a beautiful layer of luster, HM08G Black Cherry Ice offers you the best kind of taste that you would ever know.


RCF05 Ghost black

Seizing the essence of camouflage, RCF05 Ghost black is like an indistinct ghost. With this wrap, you will be the most unpredictable and surprising one on the road.


RCF06 Ghost military green

Covered by perfectly designed texture, RCF06 Ghost military green gives you a camouflage finish that is much better than those you have seen. With this style, you can be the road conqueror of revival.


These colors have more or less spoken what it is going on at the moment, providing comfort in a special way. If you are tempted to experience it, some of them are already available for purchase at Keep your eyes on the website and make sure you do not miss this unique opportunity.

Chin Up with Vinyl Wrap Film Representing Gradual Growth over Pandemic