Tips for window molding removal

Removing hardware can usually help wrappers do the job efficiently and smoothly. For some body parts, it seems easy to remove. Still, it needs your further consideration to avoid damaging or breaking it. For instance, window molding is such a thing.


Here are several types of window molding that you might come across when doing a wrap job, and some tips in terms of how you can remove them efficiently and safely.


Soft molding

This type of molding is generally on the top of a window. You can pull it out when removing it. As you do it, you can fold it inside the body of the vehicle. By doing this, you can form it back much more quickly when you finish wrapping the section.


Do not remove the entire molding, though, and only pull out what you need. If you take the whole molding off, you will have trouble putting it back later.


Partly hard with double-sided tape

For some vehicles like vans, their window moldings are usually partly soft and partly hard with double-sided tape. Those moldings generally sit deeply, and thus, it is difficult to pull out.


It is best to use a plastic removal tool. And you can take the molding out from the bottom easily. But because there is metal inside, you need to be careful as you pry it off the body. If the metal gets bent, the molding will distort.


Tucked underneath the mirror

There is a kind of molding that is tucked underneath a side mirror. For this type, you cannot pry it off straightforward. Instead, you need to loosen the mirror first, which usually has three Torx screws.


Then, it is more efficient to take the whole mirror off. And you can use your fingers or a tool to pry the molding off. However, this type of molding usually has metal inside as well. Thus, be careful as you do it.


Sensitive metal

You have to handle incrementally as you remove it for this type of molding, and you can pry by every one or two inches with a tool. Be patient, do it slowly and gently. You can put a little masking tape on its end as soon as it is off.


Held by screws

For some bottom moldings of a window, they are held by one or two screws. You can usually find them as you open the door. Thus, to be safe, always open the side door and check before you try to pry off a molding. Otherwise, you will damage it if you pull straight away without checking.


These are the common window molding types that installers usually come across for vinyl film wrapping. Hopefully, these tips will help you understand them better and do your job smoother in the future. For more wrap tips, visit

Tips for window molding removal