Gloss Aluminum vinyl wrap (GAL01-13)



With a huge collection of 29 fabulous, TeckWrap offers you this series of gloss aluminum vinyl wrap, which gives your vehicle a super distinctive-looking finish. As a proud supplier, TeckWrap has plenty of film selections that have good conformability and durability. The material is stretchable enough to wrap every edge and recessed area easily. And the adhesive is safe without giving you any trouble when uninstall. The better thing is, these vinyl wraps from TeckWrap are all in high quality but reasonable and affordable prices.


  • It is an advanced polymeric multilayered film with silver coating and air release channels that help to achieve smooth application and perfect finish.
  • The thickness of the film is 0.15mm. The film is thick enough to ensure protection.
  • Variety of colors: GAL01 True Blood, GAL02 Blue gem, GAL03 Candy purple, GAL04 Deep pink, GAL05 Mermaid green, GAL06 Paprika orange, GAL07 Leaf green, GAL08 Amber gold, GAL10 Storm Gray, GAL11 Silver mist, GAL12 Yellow-green, GAL13 Olympic blue, GAL14 Space blue, GAL15 Oxford blue, GAL16 Dark Navy blue, GAL17 Prussian blue, GAL20 Shadow grey, GAL21 Dark Gold Olive, GAL22 Dark Brown Grey, GAL23 Pink Gold, GAL24 Aztec gold, GAL25 Intense bronze, GAL26 Supreme red, GAL27 Mahogany red, GAL28 Black Purple, GAL29 Hunter green
  • Width & Length: 1.52m*18m (59.8"* 708,6", 4.98ft*59ft, 1.66yd* 19,6yd)
  • The adhesive is a solvent polyacrylate. TeckWrap high-tech adhesive is save for car paint and has low or moderate initial tack ensuring easy installation.
  • Release liner: Kraft white silicone-coated; paper with a double-sided polyethylene coating. We care even about the back paper we use. Quality paper saves adhesive and material during storage and transportation. Storing period (shelf life) is 2 years if stored in +10°С to +20°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, in a clean and dry place.
  • Average indoor life is 4 years, and outdoor life is 3 years when followed rules of application and usage. Mentioned periods are enough for a car wrapping film. An adhesive usually becomes permanent on the post-heated surfaces after 3 years, so we recommend unwrapping a car after this period to avoid cleaning of excessive adhesive residue.
  • Recommended room temperature for application is from +17°С to +25°С. Service temperature is from -55°С to +65°С. TeckWrap car wrapping film is durable to temperature extremes, but we request customers to take care of it as if it’s original car paint. Don’t leave your wrapped car under direct sunlight for a long period to prolong period of exploitation and ensure dimensional stability. Shrinkage is less than 3% for matte films, 4% for gloss films.
  • The application method is the standard one, suitable for polymeric calendared and hybrid films. General recommendations are thorough cleaning, no overstretching and post-heating to recommended temperatures - 100℃ for flat surfaces and 120℃ for curves and overlaps. We recommend a steam vacuum or IRR heater for installation.
  • Cure time is 24 hours above 15℃, but we recommend keeping the vehicle at room temperature for 48 hours to ensure maximum adhesive activation.
  • Aftercare: PH neutral products. Avoid hot wax or solvents.

Important note: The images, colors, and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch. Rolls from the same production LOT number should be used for completing a wrap job as a slight batch to batch variation of color may occur. The film may scratch during the application, or during a day in and out use. The scratching of the film is not covered by the warranty.

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