Car wrap tips

In this article, we will be introducing two ways of practice that are cutting directly on the surface, but without cutting too deep though, which will help take beginners and intermediate installers to the professional...

On first thought, wrapping a car seems easy to some – just putting a giant sticker on a vehicle. However, automotive wrapping is never just about “wrapping”.

Besides “producing”, there are “pre-production” and “post-production” as well, ranging from choosing the right auto wrap material, measuring the vehicle, and choosing the proper location, to cleaning and so on…

In this article, we are going to run through the whole process to show you a bigger picture to give you some insight into how car wrapping is done.
Squeegeeing might seem like a super simple thing, especially to those installers who have already had certain experience. But when looking back to how long it took them to figure out how to squeegee, the answer might surprise you.
Cutting is the art of wrapping. For most of the part, it might be easy. But to cut off the excess film clean and precisely is a skillful job, which can separate a very good installer from a great installer.