Solution to vinyl film tearing when making overlap | TeckWrap

A vehicle wrap can sometimes tear during application. Sometimes it is due to the type of the vinyl film, and other times it is because of what the wrapper does when approaching the material.


Splitting can often happen when an installer applies an overlaying piece on a challenging section with deep recessed areas, which can be caused by the shrinking of the material, or the wrapper pressing too hard when cutting.


Here are some tips for what you can do when tearing happens as you create overlaying pieces:


Remove the piece that tears

The first thing you can do to fix the situation is remove the overlaying piece that tore. Add light heat to the area so that you can pull it off more easily.


Create a symmetrical line

After you remove the overlay carefully, check the remaining car wrap. Sharpen your knife and cut with a shallow blade to make sure the line you are going to create the overlap is symmetrical, and do it from top to bottom.


Use Knifeless Tape

When you finish fixing the section, clean up the surface again. You can then apply Knifeless Tape according to your need to create the overlap again. The Tape can help you avoid tearing the car wrap again because pressing too hard when cutting.


Re-apply the overlaying wrap material

Take a new panel to re-apply as the overlay. As it is tricky to make overlap on a recessed area, you should make relief cuts when it needs so that the vehicle wrap is relaxed and will not lift easily over time.


Once the vinyl film is set on the section properly, you can release the Knifeless Tape. Do not forget to seal the edge afterward. In this way, you will get a tension-free and durable finish.

Solution to vinyl film tearing when making overlap | TeckWrap