Safe relief cut for all vinyl wrap films

Relief cut is a great help when you come across raised objects or corners when wrapping a vehicle with vinyl wrap film. It can help you relax the material and shift out the tension so that you can achieve high-quality and long-durability on the wrap.


Typically, you can make relief cuts about half an inch away from the edge of a raised object (the cut should be in the middle of this object). The tension will then be even out. You can pull the material down and work around the corner. However, such a normal relief cut does not suitable for all kinds of vinyl wrap films.


A standard relief cut like this only works well on gloss films. If you apply the same method and make such relief cuts on a material like brushed, textured, or chrome, the film will either tear or split when you try to pull and work around the corner, as they are not as strong as gloss film.


Here are two tricks that you can use when you are handling a vinyl wrap film other than a gloss one:


An enclosed cut

Starting from the same spot when you cut, but instead of making a standard relief cut that lets the panel hang on two sides, create an enclosed cut in a shape like the letter “J”. So you have to curve your knife around the edge of the raised object. When you make a cut like this, whether it is a textured film or chrome, it will not tear or split. So you will be safe enough to work the material around.


Make a hole first

There is another way to help you make safe relief cuts on those fragile materials, where you will need an air release tool. Choose a thick one, pick the panel up, and make a hole on the edge of the raised object, then make a cut on the side of the hole that is facing the raised object. The rule of this is similar to the enclosed cut mentioned above. Once you do this, you can pull and work the film with no stress.


For a gloss vinyl, a standard relief cut will be enough. But for other materials that are easy to tear, these two methods can keep you from frustration, saving you time and ensure a high-quality finish. Visit for more wrap tips.

Safe relief cut for all vinyl wrap films