How ceramic coating can affect vinyl wrap film

Ceramic coating is becoming more and more popular among vinyl wrap film lovers, because it can protect the wrap dramatically without spending too much time and effort on maintaining it.


With ceramic coating, there is a strong seal on the surface of a material that can protect it from building up moisture inside. Thus, it is helping with the long-term durability of a film.


However, it would affect the appearance of the film, depending on the type of material you are using. Thus, it is important to understand how the coating can change the look of the film beforehand – before the outcome disappoints you.


Here you can construct a small experiment to see how vinyl wrap film can be affected by ceramic coating. Take a few samples of different types of films that are easy to purchase in the market, for example, matte, gloss, carbon, and chrome vinyl wrap films.


Separate each sample into two sections with masking tape in the middle. And you can apply ceramic coating properly with a microfiber towel on the left section of each sample. Just make sure it is evenly spread on the surface.


When the coating is dried out, you can remove the masking tape to see the result with your own eyes. But if you want the information straight away, here is what comes out from the test:


Matte vinyl wrap film

The section with ceramic coating is turning out with a lighter color for matte film, and the part without the coating looks darker in comparison.


Gloss vinyl wrap film

The part with ceramic coating becomes much deeper for gloss material, and it looks glossier than the original film without the coating.


Carbon vinyl wrap film

For carbon, the ceramic coating makes it look darker than before.


Chrome vinyl wrap film

As for chrome, the part with ceramic coating on is actually more lustrous and a little darker, while the other half without the coating seems dull.


You can always test the film yourself beforehand with a sample to see whether it is what you expect when the ceramic coating is on. This will prevent you from disappointment and help meet your need better. For more wrap tips, visit

How ceramic coating can affect vinyl wrap film