Everything you need to know about vinyl squeegee

Squeegee is one of the essential tools for vinyl wrap film install. It is common and small, but there is a significant amount of knowledge about it. And you better keep them in mind before wrapping because those details might determine whether you can achieve a perfect finish.


The first step to success: Choose squeegee accordingly

Before getting to the application, it is crucial to figure out what type of squeegee you need to use for a specific project. Not every squeegee is suitable for all vinyl wrap films. Some materials are susceptible. Thus, if you use a hard squeegee to work on it, you might scratch the film.


Apart from that, choose the suitable buffer for your squeegee is as well essential. A buffer on a squeegee needs to be replaced on a regular basis to make sure it is at the best status. And make sure you keep it clean when using it.


Hold squeegee properly

Although squeegee is such a must-have tool for every installer, it usually takes time for a wrapper to truly understand how to use it correctly, including the right way of holding it.


The best way to hold a squeegee is to put your four fingers on one side and the thumb on the other, then grabbing it firmly.


Your fingers should stay as close to the front edge of the squeegee as possible because this will help you put enough pressure on the front. The vinyl wrap film can remain on the surface better with you holding the squeegee right and putting the right pressure on it.


Work at the right angle

The angle of you holding the squeegee also matters to the quality of the finish. There are three angles that installers would apply when doing a vinyl wrapping project: 90-degree, 60-degree, and 45-degree.


For vehicle wrapping, a 45-degree angle is a common option. But here is the information about these three angles. Hopefully, these can inspire you a little bit:


When you are wrapping a flat surface, hold your squeegee at a 90-degree angle is acceptable. Alternatively, you can do it at a 60-degree angle as well. The only difference is that keeping a squeegee at a 60-degree angle will help you squeegee less area than taking a 90-degree. So there is a lower risk of creating wrinkles.


However, holding your squeegee at a 45-degree angle can save your day when you come across curves. 60-degree and 90-degree are less common to use on vehicle wrapping because they might cause many wrinkles on the edge of the vinyl wrap film.


But whichever angle you choose to apply, choose accordingly. And make sure you stay consistent as you squeegee across the material.


As every detail matters to a perfect finish, even if you know how to pull or stretch the vinyl wrap film right, your technique would end up in vain without the proper usage of the squeegee. Now equip yourself with this knowledge, and you are closer to success.


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Everything you need to know about vinyl squeegee