All-in-one tips for removal of roof molding and racks

Removing hardware can usually help installers wrap farther inside a vehicle for full coverage. The same rule applies to a roof as well, especially because it can be a challenging area to wrap sometimes.


Removing any molding or racks there can dramatically boost your efficiency and wrap quality. And here is an all-in-one guideline for you to deal with all standard hardware above there:


Molding held by plastic clips or painted clips

You should have a plastic removal tool in hand for molding like this. Pry as close to the clips as you can to avoid breaking them. The trick is to slowly slide your fingers forward and pry the molding off gently.


After removing, put the molding with the clips in a safe space (You can put it inside the vehicle straight forward). Do not leave it on the roof. Otherwise, it will scratch the surface because there is usually metal underneath.


(In some cases, there are moldings held by double-sided tape. It is best to leave them because those moldings can easily distort as you remove them, so they might not fit properly when you try to put them back.)


Roof Rack

Mostly, there is a plastic cover on every roof rack, and it can be at the front or the back (or even in the middle). You can figure out what is holding it as soon as you pry off this cover.


Roof racks are commonly held by Torx or bolts. Loosen them with a screwdriver, and you can remove the whole thing. However, there are different types of Torx. So it is best to prepare a wide enough range of tips to choose from.


When the rack gets loose, take it up straight in the air to keep it from falling on the roof. Likewise, put it inside the car or a safe space. It is possible there is a massive amount of dirt underneath the roof rack. And this is the time you should clean thoroughly.


Once all the moldings and racks are off, the roof is a flat area to wrap. And you can proceed more quickly and smoothly. Visit for more wrap tips.

All-in-one tips for removal of roof molding and racks